Friday, March 30, 2012


Soon to be out of office, Walnut City Council Member, Joaquin Lim, as of this date, has not paid back his former employer, Charles Schwab for accidently paying him for twenty one months after he left their employment.  Council member Joaquin Lim has ignored the judgement, and the judgement was renewed in 2010 after ten years of Lim refusing to pay.  Lim just thumbs his nose at the original court decision (click here).  Judge Ryan, the arbitrator called Council member Lim's behaviour despicable

It is interesting to note that at the time, Lim was going through a shoplifting trial (click here) for supposedly stealing some merchandise at Albertsons and allegedly told arresting agents he was having money trouble.  When he testified in his own defense in the trial, he denied ever having said that to the arresting deputies. According to the Los Angeles Times, "Deputy District Attorney Larson questioned Lim's assertions of financial well-being, pointing out that the same month as the alleged theft, a credit card company had suspended Lim's privileges because of nonpayment."

We wonder if anyone knew about his Charles Schwab problems.  Do you think that might have made a difference to the jury that aquited him?  The statute of limitations has passed, and a perjury conviction is out of the question. Too bad the District Attorney didn't know about it.  

$159,540.77 would buy a lot of things from Albertsons.  Thankfully, Joaquin Lim leaves the Walnut City Council April 25, 2012. 


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