Thursday, December 22, 2011

Second Joaquin Lim Commissioner Resigns.

Outgoing Walnut City Council member Joaquin Lim's Planning Commissioner Johnny Chua resigned Wednesday for unknown reasons.  Chua had been reportedly under investigation by local authorities after he filed repeated incorrect Statements of Economic Interest forms with the City Clerk alleging no reportable conflicts of interests.

Chua recently filed amendments with the City Clerks office correcting his prior reports. Chua did printing for Council member Lim and other Council members, and was responsible for a mailer done by the City explaining the Council position on the National Football Stadium in the City of Industry.   Statements of Interest are filed with the City Clerk and the State of California under penalty of perjury.  No announcement has been made by either the City or the District Attorney regarding the Chua matter.

This is the second recent commissioner to resign appointed by Joaquin Lim.  A previous Parks and Recreation Commissioner resigned after it was learned that she did not live in the City of Walnut, which is a violation of local ordinances.